Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Just a quickie!

I've just come across this fab site for FREE crochet patterns, and also this next one has some great free crochet patterns (easier to search as well) Click the links to go to the sites.
I didn't know until a day or so ago that there is a difference in the stitch names between USA/Canada and the UK/Australia/Europe. A single crochet in the US is our double crochet, a double crochet in the US is our treble crochet, and a treble crochet in the US is our double treble crochet... just in case anyone watched the video to the wattle stitch further down the page and wondered why the lady called the stitches a different name, that was the reason.

Also, dad sent me an email this morning and it was time/date stamped 09/09/2009 09.09.25 - pity the seconds were off!!


  1. Didn't realize there was a difference in the stitch names. Good to know should I happen to read a pattern from your area.

  2. Yip, I had to find out the hard way lol. Going to check out the free crochet patterns. Thanks hun. Dawn Marie.xx


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