Thursday, 6 August 2009

Silver Wedding Stitches...

I have been making two Silver Wedding Anniversary cross stitched pictures for Cheryl to give to friends. I still making the second one, but thought I'd post a picture of the first completed framed one... mainly coz Dad was moaning about the lack of updates on my blog this week, lol.
I have stitched the writing in silver thread, it's clearer in real life, but I hate stitching with the metallic threads as they don't run evenly together through the aida. Oh well, almost done now, and then I can carry on with my Humphrey elephant picture.

I haven't had any time to do anything else this week other than the stitching for the above and it's twin. Maybe next week...

I am waiting the arrival of a lap frame to work cross stitch on. I have had 4 floor stands altogether. One where the frame was part of the stand, a mahogany colour and it was a lovely looking stand as well. The next one was one that clamped hold of your frame for you, I can't think what happened to that one... and two of the Stitchmaster one that have two arms that hold your frame, and you can attach the halogen lamp and magnifier, and the chart holder. This is my favourite stand, but the last one just fell apart and the wood split! Hopefully I can at least attach the chart holder to this new lap one... we'll see.


  1. Oh Roz, that's beautiful! Lucky recipient of your lovely piece of art!

  2. That turned out so pretty! Lucky couple to be getting that. I can't believe you wore out a floor stand. I never had one and have admired them. I stitch sitting at my table.


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