Saturday, 8 August 2009

Christmas Sampler by Donna Kooler.

As well as the gorgeous Humphrey, I've also started the Christmas Sampler by Donna Kooler. This can be found in her book 555 Christmas Cross-Stitch Designs. I have loved this picture for so long!! So I've now sewn the aida to the new lap frame and sorted out the threads - I'm missing three so need to get them on Monday, one just had to be the Christmas red shade, lol, typical!
I also worked some more on Humprey, so he's coming along nicely too.
Just a word about lap frames, SO much better than floor stands! Wish I'd bought one ages ago.

This is how far I've got... just a tiny bit so far tonight. I can't see me getting bored with it because it has so many different little designs. Hopefully I'll get back onto the stitch a long blog.


  1. Wow! That is going to be quite a project! You should do that one for the Stitch Along Blog. It would be fun to see that one growing.

  2. omg that is a beauty. look forward to seeing it grow. are you going to finish it before this christmas????????????????

  3. Oh this is one big project, looking forward to seeing it grow.

  4. Wow Your work is lovely xxx


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