Sunday, 23 August 2009

Christmas sampler update and veggies.

Here's my update for my sampler this week. I've stitched the alphabet and border, and started on the kitten patchwork on the left. I stitched a lot of this at dads this week.

Below are some photos of how the tomatoes have grown and the runner beans. The tomatoe have already been chopped back once, and they've taken over the bench again. I have lots more tomatoes growing alongside the fence. They are the most gorgeous tasting tomatoes and I have had and are due to have, so many! I seem to be picking around 8 a day. The runner beans are lovely providing I cut them when the beans inside are tiny and the runner is around 4 inches, otherwise they're really tough and horrible. I have no idea why that is... do you? Most people can let theirs grow really long and they're lovely... not mine... sniff.


  1. gosh i cant believe how much you have stitched although there is still a long way to go lol

    love kath

  2. lol yeah, long way to go yet Kath! I thought I'd get the big centre bit done first, then I'm left with lots and lots of smaller pictures to complete.

    Love Roz x

  3. The sampler is looking great so far! Sorry I can't help you on the beans. Never have really done a garden except just once. Hope you are able to find out though.


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