Sunday, 16 August 2009

Christmas sampler update.

I have been stitching for so many hours this week and have made quite a bit of progress as you can see on my lovely sampler. Well considering I only started it last Saturday night I've made amazing progress, lol.
I had a disaster at work with touching my eye and then transferring black eyeliner onto the aida!! I tried various substances to remove this at home, but what you can see at the top of the picture is a wet patch where I've cleaned it. I think I've got it all off. I shall remember in the future not to touch my eyes and then the aida, lol.

Darryl is at a movie convention again this weekend in London with his friend Tom. He went last year and I wrote about it on this blog. He loves going to them and comes back loaded with free gifts.
I shall get back to work on this sampler after it's dry but I also need to make an anniversary card for Cheryl this week, she's been married for 29 years next weekend.


  1. OMG,

    Only been stitching since saturday, how do you do it, i probably would have done about 10 crosses by
    Stunning work.
    Hugs Angel

  2. Angel, that's LAST Saturday!!! So I'd been stitching it for a week and one day... maybe you misread and thought I'd said just the day before, lol.

  3. looking good Roz

    Something for you on my blog at

    Shell x

  4. Cool!

    Stitching hurts my joints now, so I only do it occasionally. I love this Santa! Very traditional :)

  5. Wow, Roz, fantastic stitching - it's absolutely gorgeous.


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