Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Humphrey update and a visitor.

Here's an update of Humphrey. I stitched this weekend during my breaks at work and this is how far along he is!! I've been stitching my Christmas sampler yesterday and today, it's really coming along!! I'm not going to update that one though until I upload onto the Stitch A Long blog on the right. I'm really enjoying the Christmas one. I think I'll stitch Humphrey again this weekend at work.

We had a visitor on a dying sunflower today. I've searched the spider up on the net and I think it's a crab spider... feel free to correct me though in the comments if I'm wrong.


  1. Your Humphrey is turning out so cute. And I love your new background!!

  2. ....awww....Humphrey is really coming along nicely Roz....great stitching.
    As for the spider, I guess it's a UK variety as I don't recognize it. Is it poisonous?
    I love your new look on your blog!

  3. Hi Roz...

    Ahh Humphrey is gorgeous, wish i had the patience to cross stitch, i sold all my stuff, i got to ratty with it...lol..
    Thanks for the comment hun.
    Hugs Angel

  4. Humphrey is looking cute already :)


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