Friday, 3 April 2009

Strictly H20

This is part of a performance Matthew sang in at school last night. All the kids sang really well. Sorry for the poor video quality... it was taken on Darryl's digital still camera, a lot better than nothing though!!
Matthew is the one in the blue long sleeved top in the middle!!


  1. Oh bless him - looks like he thoroughly enjoyed it!

  2. He looks like he's having a fab time! Wee soul. Lovely Roz.xx

  3. Oh what a sweet sweet video that is Roz!! Like Jeannie said, he thoroughly enjoyed it!! Just so totally adorable!

  4. Hi Roz - what a darling video to have and I saw Matthew right away - he's having fun isn't he! I used to love to go to the kids concerts when they were in school. Great video!


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