Monday, 27 April 2009

...yeah yeah yeah...

Yeah I know, I've been quiet again!! But I've been busy!!!
A friend of Matthew's (who Donna has met in America), Sean and family, are due to go back to America in May. Matthew has known Sean for three years and they're having a party a week on Saturday and we're all invited. I kept trying to think of a present to get for Sean which somehow represented his stay here in England when I came across Cross Stitch Card Shop magazine last on Friday in the shops, and there was the perfect gift! Among the pages were some charts incorporating the British Union Flag and a teddy dressed in various British outfits. I chose the Guard design and have also stitched his name, where he lived here, and the years he was here for, and I finished it tonight!
I've washed it and it's now drying flat. Instead of putting it in a card I'm going to frame it so that it's more of a keepsake and he can hang it on his bedroom wall or somewhere. I think it's fab!!! I'll upload a pic when I've framed it.


  1. Hi Roz, really can't wait to see your cross stitch, I'm sure he'll love it. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx

  2. P.s. if you have a look on my blog you'll see my cross stitch bear I done a while ago. x


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