Thursday, 30 April 2009

Latest stitches.

This is going to be on the left hand side of Matthew's door name plate. He loves dogs and it's a sleeping pooch, so I thought this was a good picture for a bedroom door! I still have his name to stitch as well, but I'm waiting for the door plate to arrive then I can see exactly how much room I have to play with.
I've also JUST started the tiger cross stitch!! OMG! I say started... I've stitched four stitches so far, lol, but I'm off so it's a start! I have it on a frame and I think the only problem I shall really have is stitching on it at night. I did have a floor stand that had a lamp and magnifier attached, but the stand broke and is now useless... oh well... I shall be ok I think, but watch this space!


  1. Hi Roz, dear God woman you've been busy! Gorgeous dog, very cute. Glad you've started the tiger. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx

  2. I read a few embroidery blogs amongst many others, and I have seen the recommendation that when stitching on dark cloth, it is much better to have a light on your lap, underneath the frame. One person said they used their lightbox. It is worth giving it a try.

  3. I love the doggie door plate it's sooo cutie might steal a copy of that from you.

  4. This is amazing! So cute!! Great work!!

  5. Hi Roz - oh my, lucky Matthew - darling little piece of stitching.


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