Thursday, 26 March 2009

So today in my little greenhouse...

I have potted my strawberry plants, and thinned out my tomato plants... they look a bit spindly at the moment don't they?!

Here is Matthew this evening filling a couple of pots to put some sunflower seeds in. He doesn't believe that they will grow higher than the fence!

Matthew's pots, lol.

I'm having a lot of fun with this little greenhouse. I got it from Wilkinson's (not on show in the shop, have to ask for them!) and it cost £30, almost £40 in Argos with a green cover! It's like having my own little world outside the back door, lol, and it's right next to my lovely new water butt! I bought that with the money dad gave me for my birthday - yesterday was my birthday by the way, lol.


  1. happy birthday for yesterday.
    green house will soon be full.

  2. Hi Roz - I can see the fun you are having in your little greenhouse,Roz. The little strawberry plants are so cute. The tomatoes will grow (and I'm sure they have) - they always look spindly at first.

    Yes, I love my Cricut - so glad I got it. Waiting for cartridges to go on sale now. a funny name at all Roz, we call our house a 'bungalow' too.

    Cute pic of Matthew - he is so photogenic but then, he's got an excellent photographer too :) Just wait until he sees how big the sunflowers grow (lol). I love them too!

  3. .....I remembered everything but forgot to say "Belated Happy Birthday", my friend. Art's birthday is the same day as yours! (lol)

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  5. Love your little greenhouse Roz! My tomatoes aren't spindly at they are NOTHING!!


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