Tuesday, 31 March 2009

No pics to show you today.

Just an update of what I've been up to.
On Sunday I had the day off, forgot to mention that, lol. It was so nice to get to spend a day with everyone here at home.
We did a bit more of the weekly shop in the morning as Matthew had gone to a Laser tag party on Saturday, so we didn't do our shopping with dad again this week. After the shopping, we went back into town and bought more compost and some seeds and little plants. Matthew chose some Impatients to plant in tubs. Justin wants a veggie patch in the garden... it will be a patch too! We have a teeny weeny garden.
Anyhooo, I helped Matthew plant half of his little plants into two tubs, and he watered them in... and he watered them in... and he watered them in... and he watered them... you get the gist... I kept telling him to stop watering everything!! I'd also bought a new honeysuckle as my last one fell from the fence after about 6 years.
I looked at Matthew's plants the following morning and they looked like soggy cabbage... I've left them alone hoping that they will spring back into life, lol.
So, the other things I have sown in my greenhouse are... yellow peppers (Matthew's), spring onions for Justin, we also have some carrots in a tub - like they had on the telly!! We'll see what happens...

Today most of this morning I spent printing photos from the rest of our holiday to North Devon last August, and I also cut out the titles for the pages with my Cricut. (Dad, you know what that is now!!) I had to go and buy some more photo paper. I have an Epson printer (I've found this to be the best for compatible ink cartridges), and it didn't like the high glossy Kodak paper I had, so I've now got some Ilford Satin paper, and it's prints wonderfully on that.

Dad picked me up at 2.50pm to get Matthew as we went to dads for dinner tonight instead of tomorrow - he's out to lunch with my Auntie Myrtle and Uncle Ken tomorrow. We had a lovely Mr Whippy ice cream with a flake after school, courtesy of dad, thanks dad! We then went and fetched Darryl as he'd been with Abby, then back to dad's. Lovely roast chicken dinner.

Back home I cut out some more titles, and Justin put some of his Devon photos on a memory stick for me to transfer to my laptop from his, then I printed some more. I shall get busy tomorrow making the odd page, so watch this space!

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  1. You've really been busy, with the garden, family and scrapping!! I love reading how the garden is going and I know the bounty you get will be wonderful.


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