Monday, 23 March 2009

A few new pics!

Here are a few pics that I have been meaning to upload. The first one is of the first blanket that I've made for my unborn grandchild. I used Hayfield's Lustre Wool in white. It's gorgeous - it has a lovely white shimmer to it. I used a Wattle stitch for the pattern, it's a crochet stitch, and it's really lovely close up.

The next photo is of one of our dogs, Abby, finding the first rays of sunshine in the garden. She loves laying in the sun. This is the dog that had a lump removed from her breast about a month or so ago.

And finally, here's my mini walk in greenhouse! It's nice and cosy inside there. It has 6 shelves, and now has two bags of compost laying on the bottom tube structure poles because of 25mph winds here today - the front kept lifting off the ground! LOL! I have just strawberry plants in there at the moment, but have plenty more seeds to sow, including lettuce and carrots, freesia's, spring onions, and my tomatoes have just come out of the airing cupboard after sprouting, and are now over an inch high!


  1. Hi Roz - your baby blanket looks absolutely beautiful - a lot of work!
    Abby is a beautiful dog and she does look like she is enjoying the sun.
    Love your little walk-in greenhouse - you'll have a lot of fun with that. I grew flowers years ago and sold them to the neighbours - it was great fun.

  2. Your baby blanket is just beautiful Roz, I'm in the middle of knitting squares for a shaker style blanket, for myself though lol. Your dog is beautiful, poor soul what age is she? I like your wee greenhouse, I'd love a garden but I'm in a flat but maybe someday I'll have my own garden. Hope your dad is doing ok. DawnMarie.xx

  3. Ahhh lovely to see Abby up and about and soaking up a few rays!!

    I would LOVE a greenhouse and have considered one of these wee ones. Let me know how it works for you!

  4. Hi Roz - I have a "hug" and "a glass of lemonade" waiting for you at my blog.

  5. Blanket looks gorgeous,bet they will love snuggling their baby in it, the dog looks so content,have fun in your new little house.

  6. Roz, your blanket is just beautiful! I wish I could knit but its a case of add one drop one with me lol!
    Hugs Lynsey:)


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