Thursday, 19 March 2009

A greenhouse!

Here I am! I keep disappearing I know, sorry. Dad was moaning at me yesterday for not updating my blog - today dad is in hospital for a sort of minor op, and then home tomorrow morning.
Anyway... I'm getting greenfingers, or at least trying to get them...
I've always been a spur of the moment type of person and it doesn't look like I'm changing anytime soon. It's all Paula's fault, as usual.
Paula suggested that I buy some seeds and grow a bit of veg. So yesterday, and Tuesday I got started. On Tuesday I bought some tomato seeds and flower seeds, 8 strawberry plants, a couple of little propagators, and a bag of compost. On Wednesday morning I bought some cress seeds for Matthew, coz they're easy, and a tub with some rocket seeds.
I've since planted the rocket seeds, the cress, and the tomato seeds. Matthew has the cress and the strawberry seeds on his bedroom windowsill at the moment.
So today on our card group we got talking about planting things and growing your own veggies. Now I don't do things by halves... so tomorrow I pick up the greenhouse that pictured below - my first greenhouse, wooohooooooooo, lol, yes I know it's only small!!! And on Tuesday I pick up a water butt complete with drainpipe fittings!

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  1. ....cute's such fun starting seeds and watching them grow - have fun with it!


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