Monday, 25 April 2011

Three things today!

I have three things for you today, two pages, and a video! The video is of the little mouse that's taken up residence in our ivy. "He's" been there for 5 to 6 weeks now... eating the bird feeder food that the birds drop!

 Matthew blackberry picking - August 2009. Dawn Inskip - Farmyard Fun digital scrapbook kit.

 Elijah cuddling up to his monkey. I used elements from both the Dawn Inskip Farmyard Fun kit, and Just So Scrappy Sweet Treats kit.

We had a BBQ yesterday afternoon. Justin prepared and had started cooking it by the time I got home. We had Darryl, Abby, and Elijah over, and Matthew built his old Bob the Builder playhouse for Elijah to play in. We had a lovely time. No doubt another scrap page will find it's way here in the next couple of days.
Other news...
Dad decided to go to the shop for the first time since coming home from hospital and the interim care place... he walked up there, got his shopping, and the lady stood next to him in the queue put dad's shopping up to the checkout till for him... and THEN, asked dad if he wanted her to give him a lift home!!!!!!!!!!! He said YES! He didn't know who this woman was!!! LOL! Tut tut, dad you should know better than that! What if I'd of been asked to get into a car??! LOL

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  1. Great pages Roz. Did have a giggle about your Dad :) x


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