Friday, 29 July 2011

Still Life.

My cousin, Mandy Disher, takes the most fantastic photo's. Click here to visit Mandy's website.
So... trying to copy her style (hahahaha, yeah, don't fall about laughing after you've looked at hers and then come back to my effort... it's my first attempt!!) I cut some rosebuds from the bush in the garden, and "arranged" them in the glass vase. Fiddled around with the computer stool/chair, the back window cream curtains, and various exposures, and came up with this... with added textures of course!!

But then... I thought it looked bit stuck on, so here's another attempt!!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Photo for today.

Today's fiddle with textures and Paint Shop Pro x3 produced this. I really like it...

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Alas, this isn't mine...

I snagged this photo of my friends cat from her facebook album... His name is Albert, isn't he gorgeous?
I had a fiddle with some textures etc in the brand spanking new Paint Shop Pro Photo x3 which you can download a free trial by clicking the link above. I've got the purchased version and I love it! You still get the full version for 30 days in the trial version.

So anyway, here is the gorgeous Albert.

Here are a few more photo's that I took at the garden centre, all are available to purchase via the redbubble icon at the top right of the page. I wouldn't mind a couple of them on canvas myself!!


Tuesday, 19 July 2011


I have loved photography ever since I was knee high to a grasshopper. My first "proper" camera was an Olympus OM10 35mm SLR. I loved it! Photography had to take a back seat for many years, but my love of photography never dwindled.
6 or so years ago Justin bought me a digital SLR, my Canon 400D. I'm still fancying that lens that I mentioned here the other day... but I'm leaning towards a macro lens now...
Anyway... today, I went out for the afternoon with Amanda, a friend that I've known since starting infant school many moons ago. We were debating where to take our camera's, and ended up settling on a garden centre!! What a fab place to take lots of photo's of flowers! There was torrential downpour while we were there, so it's a good job we hadn't gone to the park!

Here's a few of the pics that I've been fiddling with, adding textures to etc. The top one was taken in our garden.
They are available to buy - without watermark and larger, as a card, laminated print, matted print, framed print... see the RedBubble icon at the top of the page.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Twinlakes part deux.

The second page is now complete... To the Moon by Fancy Pants papers used. 

Today I purchased some of the new Christmas Forever Friends stuff by DoCrafts. I love it! The A4 die cut pack is fantastic, I can't wait to use it... but Matthew is upstairs in the craft room hogging the desk creating his own Christmas scrapbook page.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

A little bit late...

...making this one! It's a page with photo's from when we went to Twinlakes last June! I received my fab scrapbook kit on Monday. It's from Fancy Pants, and called To the Moon. I love it, it's very bright and colourful. I enjoyed making this page, and I need to make the right side as well. I have printed some of the Skegness photo's today, and might do a couple of pages of those tomorrow. 
We have booked a holiday to Skegness Butlins next June, for four nights. I've been reading reviews for Butlins... not all that good, but most people only write a review if they're complaining anyway... oh well, there'll be plenty of things to do. Matthew has £35 saved up for it already!

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Hunstanton??? NOOOOO, Skegness!

The day started well... all of us up early, in a good mood, looking forward to a great day out. We originally were going to Hunstanton, but then showed Matthew Skegness on the internet and he said we could go there instead. 
Matthew had a bath, Justin a shave, and I straightened my hair... then disaster! Half an hour before Justin's dad and step mum were due to arrive, water began pouring from the header tank out onto the patio area by the kitchen. Justin will be the first to tell you that he's useless at anything to do with DIY. Luckily, his dad isn't... 
Steve (Justin's dad), turned off the water and went up into the loft and said the fault was the ball valve was kaput. Weird it should go all of a sudden. Anyhoo... on the way to Skegness, we made a quick stop at Homebase and picked up a new ball valve, and headed off.
Skegness is brilliant! SO much to do! Unfortunately we only had about 5 hours there so didn't get to do too much. Matthew loved it there! 
First stop was Harry Ramsbottom's fish and chip restuarant. Lovely!!! Then we went into the amusements, Matthew likes the 2p falls thingies. After that it was onto the pier, then icecream - I really shouldn't have had that being lactose intolerant... I felt ill until I got into bed that night after that! But the icecream was GORGEOUS! It was whippy icecream and the cone is filled with icecream... mmmm... but I did suffer afterwards, lol. After the icecreams, it was on to the beach and we all, except Steve, had a paddle in the sea, it was really warm. 
Matthew, Justin, and Steve, then had a game of cricket. Then it was onto the gift shops to get some rock/fridge magnets etc, and along the sands back towards where we were parked, but first a drink and a final play on the sand. We then had another go in the amusements then a quick nip to the loo.... 20p it costs to go to the loo in Skegness! Silly me didn't realise that after 6pm the turnstile on the exit bit was left open, so I needn't have paid that time... 
We got home around 8.30pm. Justin and Steve went up into the loft and fixed the ball valve... which was a bit touch and go because the bit it had to fit too had corroded quite abit. After that, it was Frankie and Benny's... lovely as usual, and we got home around 11pm. Joan and Steve went back to The Marriot, Matthew watched Thursday's Eastenders, and then we all went to bed at half 11.

Today we were woken up by Matthew at half five this morning saying that the bathroom was flooded! For some reason the cistern had allowed more water in and the overflow pipe had leaked, lol... plus we saw a damp patch on the bedroom ceiling, which we think was caused by yesterday's disaster. We still have no idea why the cistern did what it did, but it didn't do it anymore.
We went to Bury St Edmunds today to visit Justin's 2 aunts, 2 uncles, 2 cousins, and Nan and Grandad. Everyone was really lovely. We'd go to one of one of the aunts and uncles bungalows... the other pair live opposite. The bungalow had a lovely garden, with a fab veggie patch and greenhouse. Matthew had a laugh with his great Uncle Stephen, and great uncle Mark's chocolate labrador. Mind you, it's the wives of those that are Stephen's (Justin's dads) sisters... 
Matthew's Great Grandad gave Matthew £20!! He's putting it in his holiday fund... next year we're staying at Butlins!
Home by around 6pm, all worn out... Joan and Steve then had to drive to Devon... 

Here's some pics!

 LOL @ my hair! 

Friday, 1 July 2011

River... not a great title for a page!

Today I made a page with some photo's taken from a day in Godmanchester (there are more to come! Well, one more anyhoo!). This is a place called The Rec to us locals. It's a very pretty place, and has lots of weeping willow trees. 
I used a mix of papers - K&Co's Mira, and Blue Awning, and a Fancy Pants Beach Bum flock sheet... some Prima flowers, and some jewels.
The colours seem to be very strong in this photo... I took three photo's of it, each with different modes on the camera, and each looked different...

Tomorrow we have Justin's dad and step mum up from Devon. We are going to Hunstanton, Matthew loves the rock pools there. Sunday we're off to Bury St Edmunds to meet Justin's grandparents for the first time - that's me and Matthew meeting them for the first time, of course Justin has met them!! :)