Tuesday, 5 July 2011

A little bit late...

...making this one! It's a page with photo's from when we went to Twinlakes last June! I received my fab scrapbook kit on Monday. It's from Fancy Pants, and called To the Moon. I love it, it's very bright and colourful. I enjoyed making this page, and I need to make the right side as well. I have printed some of the Skegness photo's today, and might do a couple of pages of those tomorrow. 
We have booked a holiday to Skegness Butlins next June, for four nights. I've been reading reviews for Butlins... not all that good, but most people only write a review if they're complaining anyway... oh well, there'll be plenty of things to do. Matthew has £35 saved up for it already!

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  1. Amazing layout - I can see what you mean about the colours... but the way you've put it all together is just brilliant! Great pics too :)


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