Tuesday, 19 July 2011


I have loved photography ever since I was knee high to a grasshopper. My first "proper" camera was an Olympus OM10 35mm SLR. I loved it! Photography had to take a back seat for many years, but my love of photography never dwindled.
6 or so years ago Justin bought me a digital SLR, my Canon 400D. I'm still fancying that lens that I mentioned here the other day... but I'm leaning towards a macro lens now...
Anyway... today, I went out for the afternoon with Amanda, a friend that I've known since starting infant school many moons ago. We were debating where to take our camera's, and ended up settling on a garden centre!! What a fab place to take lots of photo's of flowers! There was torrential downpour while we were there, so it's a good job we hadn't gone to the park!

Here's a few of the pics that I've been fiddling with, adding textures to etc. The top one was taken in our garden.
They are available to buy - without watermark and larger, as a card, laminated print, matted print, framed print... see the RedBubble icon at the top of the page.


  1. How pretty.
    Can I suggest the macro lens? I love macro shots... and I've captured some amazing detail over the years :)

  2. Wow Roz you have done a great job with those pics. I too love photography and it was my first proper hobby with being bought my Practika when i was 18. I have been drawn back to it over the last few years. Infact i want to get back to doing more makeover work so keep your eyes peeled :)


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