Thursday, 15 December 2011

A few images of our Christmas...

... so far!

 When you're making gingerbread you need.......... a lot!

 There's something strange in this pic............ the telly's not on!

This Christmas is going to be very strange. With my dad being terminally ill with cancer it's all change this Christmas. We normally spend the day at dad's, but he gets tired really quickly and lays down for most of the day as he's in less pain then... This year Christmas dinner is being cooked by Justin. Darryl, Abby, and Elijah are going to Abby's nan and grandads, but still coming to ours on Christmas Eve. I'm working both Christmas Eve and Day, but finishing Christmas Day at 11am. In the afternoon we're going to go to dad's and take him a dinner, we'll spend about an hour and a half with him. Darryl and Co are going over on Boxing Day to see dad.

I will post pics later of how my first attempt at gingerbread turns out!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing..everything looks so pretty. I am sorry about your dad. Just seize the day and enjoy whatever comes your way. Hugs.


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