Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Catching up.

I've not written to the blog for almost two months. It's been difficult as my dad has a terminal illness, and it's only going to get worse, so it's hard to write upbeat in here... but...
I've made a few Christmas cards over the last couple of days, and also my son enjoyed Halloween. 
Here are some photo's of both!

I know he looks pretty much the same as he did last year, lol... maybe next year he can have a new costume...
 We loved our pumpkin this year!! It's the best one Justin has cut.

Halloween Baking. My Almond, raspberry, and orange spider sponge cake.

Rocky Road anyone?

 The above card used a free stamp that came with this month's Cardmaking and Papercraft, but I think the stamp was exclusive to Sainsbury's. I love Fizzy Moon!!

 I've found that it's easier this year for me to just use decoupage sheets for my Christmas cards. I've of course added extra glitter, and 3D gloss for noses.

 Justin has published a book!! It's a specialist book for lovers of the Gizmondo games machine. Nice glossy cover as well!! He put a dedication in the back for a few people including me and Matthew.
And below is Matthew trying out the new picnic bench over by the riverside park in Huntingdon.

A few weeks back I emailed Scrapbook Magazine with two of my pages... and here it is in print!!

Recently I bought a Kindle. I love it! I have read five books in the last two weeks. Two of the books I read which I loved were...
Dark Matter by Michelle Paver. Click to buy on Kindle UK site. A very atmospheric ghost story set in the Arctic. Fantastic.
Asylum Lake by R.A. Evans. Click to buy on Kindle UK site. Another ghost story, set around an abandoned Asylum. I can't wait for the sequel to be published.

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  1. Congrats to both of you for getting published. Your son is getting so big! And the cards you made are gorgeous!!

    I pray that you and your family has the strength you need in dealing with your dad's illness. Remember the special times with him.



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