Thursday, 15 September 2011

A jewellery phase?

So this phase I'm in now is about making jewellery. I used to make earrings, and sold them on Ebay, then for some STUPID reason I gave all my beads away!! Luckily I kept my tools, and this week I decided to buy some more beads and make a few bits and pieces.
They are all for sale... so if anyone is interested, leave a comment :D

Any of the ear wires can be swapped with sterling silver wires, but this will incur another £2.

 Bracelet and silver plated earrings set - £6, plus P&P.
 Beautiful beads - Burgandy "moon" glass beads, amethyst silver lined Japanese Toho beads, pink Swarovski crystals, tibetan silver spacer beads, and glitter glass Stardust beads. 

 Childs silver plated charm bracelet - £3 plus P&P.
Tibetan silver charms and a Swarovski crystal, a Stardust glitter glass bead, and Japanese Toho Beads.

 Bracelet and silver plated earrings set - £6 plus P&P.
Gorgeous sapphire blue Swarovski crystals, dark blue glass faceted rondelle beads, AB clear Swarovski crystals, clear silver lined Japanese Toho beads, tibetan silver spacer beads, Stardust glitter glass beads. Very pretty and delicate looking. 
All come with an organza bag.


  1. They are so pretty!
    I have a huge amount of beads that I keep locked away in a plastic box, hidden away under the wooden sideboard, within the inner sanctum that is my craft room (where the doors are closed and no entry is allowed *lol*). My granddaughter STILL managed to find them and spill the whole lot on the floor. "Look Nonna!" she exclaimed... "it's raining pretty".

  2. Such a beautiful jewelery. I impressed for bring it. It such a lovely jewelery. I am so excited for make it.

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