Sunday, 13 March 2011

It's Shaun!!!!

I've had the weekend off work this weekend, and I have finished him!!! I love him! He was very easy to make... he may not be perfect, but who/what is?!

Other news...

Dad maybe going home this week sometime. He is managing stairs, very slowly, but progressing a bit more each time. Here is a brief description of what happened... 
Dad had a major bowel resection on December 30th. Discharged from hospital on January 3rd. We get dad back home and he's VERY out of breath, and grey. I'd been told by the nurses that he was fit to go home, so who was I to say otherwise, even though I didn't agree before we left the ward. Anyway... after about 3 hours and after calling the out of hours doctors, I called an ambulance as dad was getting worse. We ended up in Resus in A&E (ER) and was there for another couple of hours before dad was taken up to Intensive Care. The following morning, I had a phone call to say that we should get to the hospital as they didn't think dad was going to make it - his blood pressure was dropping and they couldn't get it up and his kidney's had failed. When we arrived at the hospital, dad was doing better!! So dad spent two weeks in intensive care, then another couple of weeks back on the original ward, and then onto another ward as he wasn't able to go home yet, but there wasn't anything surgically/medically wrong with him then. So after another couple of weeks in that ward, he has now been in a self contained flat for about 3 weeks where he has a care team on site, and someone to help him in the morning, lunch, tea time, and bed time. They are now talking about sending dad home, once they're happy he can walk up the stairs. It's been a weird few months since Christmas... and I wouldn't want to go through all that again, and I don't think dad would either.

So... I need to finish my double bed blanket, and I'm really wanting to do a granny stripe waistcoat/vest sort of thing, but can't find a pattern...

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  1. Hi Roz, great blog and I love Shaun the sheep.. You did a great job on him.. :))


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