Thursday, 17 March 2011

Cookies n Coffee...

Homemade chocolate chip cookies, and a coffee in my new mug... 
The cookies were supposed to come out chewy... but the first batch, this batch, didn't... but still LOVELY!! I think the trick is to take them out the oven sooner... but how much sooner???? They are getting chewier with each batch that's coming out of the oven. I've read somewhere that you need to use melted butter to combat this problem... well that's rubbish, coz I DID use melted butter. Oh well, they taste heavenly anyway.

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  1. Hello Roz
    Nice to meet you, thank you for commenting on my blog,I'm just about to have a look around yours xox Glad you like my tea cosy, I really did have fun trying to learn how to decrease in Tr ! Have a fab weekend xox


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