Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Yeah I’m still around, lol, but I’ve been very quiet haven’t I?! I’ve not really been up to much lately craft wise, apart from catching up on a couple of knitting projects, but I’ve now started another crocheted double bed blanket. This is going to take a while…

The blanket is a crocheted Granny Stripe blanket, inspired by reading this fantastic blog – Attic24 Wow, the author has some fantastic photo’s on there, and it’s all about colour. I love this blog!! Be sure to check out the blog too, because I’m sure it will inspire you too.

The colours are a little bit stronger than the picture suggests. The “blue” in between the pale pink and yellow/orange is actually a dark lilac!

I started off with a chain of 252.

I shall also add some more colours on Friday… I need some darker one’s I think. EDIT: see further down, lol.


This is how far I’ve got. blg01 blg02

Below are some newer photo’s of Elijah when we had him over for the evening while Darryl and Abby went to the cinema. He’s always such a good boy! He’s one year old on September 25th, that year went past in a blur!







Ok, so I’m not well known for my patience… as soon as I posted the blog update I went into town and bought these fabby jewel colours!! I’m hoping the red is going to show properly, as it’s a gorgeous rich raspberry colour.



  1. Oh I understand why you want to make this throw! What a fab blog Attic24 is, so colourful. Great pics of Elijah, he is getting so big. Gorgeous!xx

  2. Hi Roz,

    Good to see you back, your creations always insipre me...

    I love the Attic blog, truly talented, heart warmimg lady, i have seen the stripy blanket, one i must try, although 252 stitches kinda scare me lol, thats alot...I am just finshing a crochet blanket for my sis's baby coming in october, but must admit, have a hard time reading crochet patterns.

    How quickly Elijah has grown, two hansome young men there..

    Look forward to seeing the end results..

    Hugs Angel


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