Friday, 18 June 2010

A few new photo's.

Above is a crocheted bag that I made with the pattern from this month's Let's Get Crafting - Crochet. I'd made another bag with the wool that came with the mag the day before yesterday, and gave that to my cousin's daughter, Amy, she loved it! So yesterday I went and bought the blue sparkley wool and made myself one. I've also got to make Katie a bag, Amy's sister, and my friend Jacqui wants one the same as this one, I'll get started on that one today. They take me a day to make. I've lined this one as well. They're just the right size for my purse, ipod touch, mobile, and keys and a bit more besides. I love the plaited strap.
Below shows a close up of the sparkley wool, sort of.

Here's a photo of Elijah when we looked after him last week when his mum and dad were at the cinema. He is almost 9 months old now.

Dad and Matthew in their England tops the night we drew with the US 1 all.

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