Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Possibility by Lykke Li (New Moon Soundtrack) - lyrics (PL)

I have gone Twilight MENTAL!! I started reading Twilight a couple of weeks ago, put the book down when I was about a quarter of the way through, then picked it up again. I finished the book in about 4 days, then read New Moon in just 24 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm now reading Eclipse. I can't get enough of it!!! I didn't think it would be my kind of thing... vampires, lol, but it's a love story, and they don't have fangs, so it's not your normal vampire type of thing. I'm addicted!!!
The song above is a gorgeous song from New Moon where Edward has left Bella and she's suffering from depression. Love it! Not that Bella has depression, the song!!!

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