Monday, 25 August 2008

Our Aquarium...

... got some new fish today!
Dad picked us up at 10.30 and we went to Pets at Home and bought 16 new fish and the ruins. You can't see many of the fish in this photo... Matthew has been naming some of them today. The white one is called Grandad coz grandad wanted us to get the white one, lol.
The rest of the day was taken up by making up a 3 door/3 drawer wardrobe. Justin decided that we didn't have enough room to make it upstairs in the bedroom as it needed laying down to make... so... we brought the bits downstairs and proceeded to put it together. Justin stated that everything was going together a little too well... he then decided that there was absolutely NO way me and him were going to be able to carry it up the stairs into the bedroom... so he unscrewed it, lol.
He then built it with it standing upright!!!! It was difficult, but it was the only way we could do it. It took us till 9pm to get it finished, and it smells gorgeous!!! We just need to sort out a few bags of junk in the bedroom, and we've already sorted out a bag full of rubbish to chuck out!

The fish in this tank are...
1 Krebensis (Purple Cichlid - gorgeous fish!) it's actually yellow and black, it's tum is purple/pink.
1 Plecostomus (sucker fish)
6 Neon Tetra's
1 Opaline Gourami
1 Golden Gourami
1 Red Honey Gourami
1 White Molly
1 Orange Molly
1 Glow Lite Tetra
2 Golden Barb

Friday, 22 August 2008

Flipping Friday already!!!!!!!!! GGGRRR!

I know, everyone must think I'm mad moaning about it being Friday... well it's coz I've got work tomorrow!!

Anyway, here is a link to some photos of the Empire Movie Convention that Darryl attended last weekend. Darryl is in images 2 (black jacket looking behind him!), 6 (fourth one from the right on the front row), 9 (third one from the left, next to David in white t-shirt), and 13 (just David this time, in the white - you may remember him from the Pyscho picture from Darryl's birthday way back in Feb!). There is also a video link on that page and Darryl is on the video but about 7 and a half minutes in... and says "I'm looking forward to Watchman", lol... all of 3 seconds!

Below is a card that I received from Jeannie on our cardmaking group. The swap was a die cut/punch swap. Great card Jeannie, thanks!

This next card is an Anniversary card that I made for Cheryl, it's her anniversary tomorrow... I'm not sure how long she's been married, I'll ask her tomorrow.

The last photo is a picture of our new units and the coffee table that I got so stressed about when I put the legs on upside down. I'm glad it was partly assembled otherwise I'd of gone completely round the twist. I think that's why Justin ordered the units ready assembled, lol. Click on the photo for a much better view, plus a closer look at Lisa from Big Bro 9 putting on her make up, hahahaha.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Busy busy busy!

We've been really busy this last week. We decorated the bathroom and updated it abit... just added some cupboards really, and painted it. We painted the bath panel and shelves white - they were a dated mahogany! We've also had two new units in the lounge and new coffee table, and cleaned out the fish tank... which has two fish in it, lol, but we are restocking it on Monday. I shall add some photos tomorrow to show you.
Darryl has been busy too! At the weekend he went to London to a Movie Convention by Empire Magazine. He went with his step brother, David, and they got front row seats! They saw Guy Ritchie and listened to what he had to say about his latest film. I will add a link later to the photos on the Empire website and point out the ones of Darryl. He came back both nights with tons of free gifts. He had a great time.
Yesterday, Darryl and dad, went to Buckingham Palace and Clarence House. Dad got told off for taking a photo in Buck Palace courtyard, lol. Darryl came back with some biscuits and tea bags from Clarence House.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

5th Birthday card for Lucy.

I made a card today for my ex husband's daughter, Lucy, for her 5th Birthday. The top picture isn't very good, sorry. Lucy is doing very well at the moment. She had more chemo yesterday and is now walking! She hasn't walked since February this year.

Today we've been to Dad's for the day. Abby came with us as well. We went for a walk over the river and to Portholme (largest meadow in England). We were out for almost 2 hours!!! Dad had got the veg ready, and also managed an hours sleep. Dad is on his third course of antibiotics for his chest infection... he says he thinks they're working this time, but admitted that he has lied about that in past so I don't worry!
We had a lovely roast chicken dinner. I do love a roast dinner!!

Justin is in the bathroom painting the walls. I have been painting the bath panel and the shelves - the mahogany stuff in there was beginning to look very old. We've bought a new bathroom cabinet and a small narrow cupboard to go beside the sink. It's beginning to look lovely and fresh up there now. I'm hoping he's going to put the cabinet together later coz it's the only mirror we have in the house!!

Monday, 11 August 2008

Some photos from Devon.

I actually took 180 photos, and here's just a few...

The love of my life...

View at Ilfracombe

Matthew playing with his fishing net in Ilfracombe.

What is Justin looking at??

A Picturesque view at Woolacombe.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Back from Devon!

We are now back from Devon!!

Here's what happened...

Got the 10am train from Huntingdon to King's Cross, then a tube (I HATE tubes) to Paddington train station. They had a little stall there selling "Paddington Bear's at Paddington Station", I was going to buy one on the way back, but more about that later.
Got to Paddington without a hitch and onto the Penzance train. The journey from Paddington to Exeter was 2.5 hours, then it was on another train from Exeter to Barnstaple where Justin's dad picked us up. Total journey time was 5.5 hours. It was lovely to see Justin's dad and Joan again.

Justin's dad and step mum live in Fremington (North Devon) and it's about 5 minutes drive from the coast. We got unpacked and they took us for a drive to Instow Beach. It's an estuary - lovely sandy beach, and it looks across to a little town called Appledore, where the Jackson 5 are currently living! Apparently Tito is seen on the beach eating ice cream most days. Matthew loves the beach. We had a gorgeous salad for dinner, followed by a fresh fruit salad, equally gorgeous! We were up until around 11.30pm and then bed, knackered.
Tuesday after a cooked breakfast, was spent in Clovelly, not that we got to see any of that because it was absolutely chucking it down with rain, so we went to a place called The Milky Way Matthew got to go in pens with sheep and goats, go on a massive play climbing thingy, a children's rollercoaster with Joan, first time on a roller coaster, it was great fun! Back for a dinner of roast beef and yorkshire pud and roast potatoes, after dinner we went to Westward Ho amusement arcade where Matthew played with the 2p fountain machines, great fun again! Back home for drinks before bed.
Wednesday we went to Woolacombe and spent the day on the beach. Matthew got soaked so I had to buy him another pair shorts and a beach towel as we'd forgotten to take any. In the evening, we left Matthew with his nan and grandad, and me and Justin went to Barnstaple to meet up with Justin's old friend in the pub. We spent 3 hours having a laugh. I'd never met him before, but he was lovely. Matthew, nannie and grandad played Monopoly!!
Thursday we went to Ilfracombe where Justin's mum and brother live.
After meeting up with his mum we went and had coffee in a little cafe, then we climbed Capstone hill. Justin's brother, Adam, and his girlfriend, Emma, turned up when we were half way up so they came up with us. We then walked round to the harbour and looked in some of the little shops, then it was down to the pier to see a boat come in carrying passengers from Wales. We then had some chips by the harbour and got told off by the Town Crier for feeding the Sea Gulls! After that we bought some bits in some of the little shops, Matthew had an icecream, then we went in the pub and sat in the garden. We played in the amusements there and also played crazy golf. We got picked up from there around 8pm. We then went and bought some flowers for Justin's brothers grave and took them up there...
Back to the house and Joan gave Justin some whiskey, lol.

Friday morning Justin's dad had to go to work, which was a shame. Joan took us to Fremington Quay, and we stopped at a little restaurant and had coffee. We had to get the 2.39pm train from Barnstaple to Exeter... that's a right bone shaker of a train! We also stopped on the line for ages. Apparently there was a man on the line with a backpack! Then it was Exeter to Paddington. Matthew talked non stop to the woman that was sat at our table. She teaches 10 year olds so she said she was used to it. We had to then get a tube from Paddington to King's Cross. We went down to the Circle Line and got on a tube... which then terminated at the next station!!!!! So I think we were on the Hammersmith & District
line instead! We had to wait about 20 minutes for the correct
tube to come in... I'm well stressed by now! We got to King's cross to find out that our train was on Platform 10... where the hell is that?????????? Found out, and we legged it to the train, only to find it was jam packed so decided to get the next one. I was shattered by the time we got home, but we had a great holiday and are going again next year!

I had to go back to work today, it was a long day... Justin goes back tomorrow - I shall miss him like mad! Joan had to go back Friday night... It seems strange not to see Joan and Steve every day at the moment, and Matthew would go back tonight if he could. He said he's going to walk if we won't take him, lol. He also said that he wants us, and his grandad that lives here, my dad, to move to Devon. I think he enjoyed himself!!

Sorry... Debbie asked me what happened with Paddington Bear. Well the trouble was, we were late arriving at Paddington Station due to a bloke standing on the tracks with a backpack on our train from Barnstaple, making us late into Paddington... so Paddington Bear is still at Paddington... (I've since amended the text above)

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Off to Devon tomorrow.

It's been a stressful kind of day. Matthew tries to help with things - packing etc, but he doesn't really help, more hinder, lol. But, we've all had a lovely shower and now we're feeling refreshed. Justin and Matthew have had haircuts too.

We bought a few bits in town to take with us. Justin got a Nintendo magazine, mainly because if he bought that I could get a book for £2.99. The book is called Stolen Time. It's a true story about a lady called Sunny from Ireland who was put on Death Row in Florida. I'm quite partial to the goings on in Death Row so should find the book interesting. Matthew has got a spot the difference book.
I have printed out instructions for Darryl for looking after the dogs and the house. Hopefully Darryl and Abby will have a good week, and realise there's more to looking after a house than going to bed late and getting up past midday!

I'll sign off for now then. Have a great week everyone and I'll catch up with CardScraps and all of your blogs later.
I hope you continue to improve with your chest infection dad, and the installation of the heating system goes without a hitch. See you next Sunday at 7am, without Cheryl!!!!

Saturday, 2 August 2008


I've helped talk two people in two days get a Cricut Expressions, lol... am I feeling guilty?? Not one bit. Congratulations Chris and now Paula!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooohooooooooooo.

That's Saturday been and almost gone.

Cheryl loved her notebook, and she almost got it thrown at her. She needs some St John's Wort I think!
A & E was busy from the start today, and we also had an infection control meeting which surprisingly, wasn't boring. That lasted an hour!
I've not done much else since coming home from work, I had an hours sleep on the settee which is always nice, lol.
Dad seems to finally be improving with his chest infection. Good job coz he's having a whole new heating system installed all next week. Have you used those Pledge wipes yet dad??
I've had two orders for cards today. I have to make a Christmas card for a little girl called Tiffany, and it needs to have her name on it, and a Birthday card for an 11 year old called Hannah, also to have her name on it... I shall get to work on those after we get back from Devon.

Friday, 1 August 2008

It's Friday already!

This week has just flown past. I can't believe I'm at work tomorrow... it's a good job I only work weekends, lol!
I altered another notebook yesterday, this time for me. I used K & Co Specialty Mira paper pad, love it! It's so bright and cheerful. I also used Prima flowers, Kanban bling gems, a Doodlebug brad, Stickles glitter, little silver key from pound shop, pink ribbon, lettering cut out with Cricut Expressions and then glazed over with Sakura clear glaze pen.

I made this card this lunchtime. We'd been in Tesco's this morning and there was power cut, and when we'd got home it had knocked out Virgin Media so we had lost our internet connection, so I made the card. It's to thank Justin's dad and step mum for putting up with us next week when we stay with them in Devon.

I used 4 Magnolia stamps, Tilda in swimming costume (image from Shell), wooden stile (Shell's image), the summer background stamp, and the tulips stamp. I also used Papermania Venetian Skies paper, Kanban bling gems, watercolour pencils.

Oh, and I did clean the oven out and racks... what a pain that was! I scraped my knuckle on the rock hard gunge... I then went up town and bought some Oven Pride. Brilliant stuff, but I couldn't give it the four hours it needed coz the mince I'd got out the freezer in the morning, I'd left out all day, and when I went to cook it it had gone off, lol... so had to shove in some lasagnes and garlic bread... so mad dash to clean the Oven Pride off the racks and inside the oven. The potatoes were all cooked as well for me shepherds pie! I should be like a woman at work and clean out the oven every day even if I've not used it... yeah, can see that happening!