Friday, 22 August 2008

Flipping Friday already!!!!!!!!! GGGRRR!

I know, everyone must think I'm mad moaning about it being Friday... well it's coz I've got work tomorrow!!

Anyway, here is a link to some photos of the Empire Movie Convention that Darryl attended last weekend. Darryl is in images 2 (black jacket looking behind him!), 6 (fourth one from the right on the front row), 9 (third one from the left, next to David in white t-shirt), and 13 (just David this time, in the white - you may remember him from the Pyscho picture from Darryl's birthday way back in Feb!). There is also a video link on that page and Darryl is on the video but about 7 and a half minutes in... and says "I'm looking forward to Watchman", lol... all of 3 seconds!

Below is a card that I received from Jeannie on our cardmaking group. The swap was a die cut/punch swap. Great card Jeannie, thanks!

This next card is an Anniversary card that I made for Cheryl, it's her anniversary tomorrow... I'm not sure how long she's been married, I'll ask her tomorrow.

The last photo is a picture of our new units and the coffee table that I got so stressed about when I put the legs on upside down. I'm glad it was partly assembled otherwise I'd of gone completely round the twist. I think that's why Justin ordered the units ready assembled, lol. Click on the photo for a much better view, plus a closer look at Lisa from Big Bro 9 putting on her make up, hahahaha.


  1. Roz your card from Jeannie is just beautiful. Your anniversary card is amazing. Love it!! And you home is beautiful. I love your furniture. And of course that sweet creature just finishes it right off. I'm blogging too, starting off slow, but have a few things. Gonna post 1 a day to stretch things out some till I can get back full swing.

  2. Hi Roz......
    Great pics of Darryl - beautiful cards - lovely card Jeannie made for you .....and your furniture is lovely - love the big TV too - would like one of those (lol). TFS

  3. Wow, hardly recognise the Look forward to seeing it in the flesh so to speak next Friday!!

    Im such a bad blogger aren't I??

    Why dont you get a feedblitz thingy Roz??

  4. Now I have to find out what a feedblitz is!


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