Saturday, 2 August 2008

That's Saturday been and almost gone.

Cheryl loved her notebook, and she almost got it thrown at her. She needs some St John's Wort I think!
A & E was busy from the start today, and we also had an infection control meeting which surprisingly, wasn't boring. That lasted an hour!
I've not done much else since coming home from work, I had an hours sleep on the settee which is always nice, lol.
Dad seems to finally be improving with his chest infection. Good job coz he's having a whole new heating system installed all next week. Have you used those Pledge wipes yet dad??
I've had two orders for cards today. I have to make a Christmas card for a little girl called Tiffany, and it needs to have her name on it, and a Birthday card for an 11 year old called Hannah, also to have her name on it... I shall get to work on those after we get back from Devon.

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