Saturday, 1 June 2013

A Little bit of Maffy.

I've been enjoying playing with my camera just lately. I own a Canon 60D and love it. Yesterday I decided to put on the "nifty fifty" lens - Canon 50mm prime lens. I don't use it much, well hardly at all really, so it was time I had a play with it. I'm so glad I did, coz here's three of the photo's.

I have been preliminarily booked to do another horsey session... it will turn into a few, coz the horses don't do as they're told. We have fun though. 
I am quite rubbish at working out what makes a good pose, or a good angle, or great at editing, but I'm learning. Slowly. I think I'm improving. I hope so. 

I also had another fiddle with the Cromer photo from the last post. I like the processing I did with it this time. Although I still love the other version as well.


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