Wednesday, 29 May 2013

A bit AWOL - Pic heavy!

So I've not posted anything here for ages!!! 
The house now has a conservatory, which we love. The garden was also redone by a lovely blokey called Gregg, and his dog Rudi.
How gorgeous is Rudi??
The conservatory has given us another room downstairs. It's fab! If Justin is watching football and I don't want to, I can sit out there and do whatever. I love it.
 Not a great photo, but showing what we had done. Pity I didn't take the photo after the bench was the right way
 Matthew showing off the bistro set he put together.

Above is the most gorgeous Dawson from a doggy shoot I recently was booked for. He is a cross between a Golden Retriever and something else, lol. He was funny. He didn't do much he was told to, but he was so photogenic.

Now for the fabulous Elijah! Oh, and the odd pic of us as well!

A boy loves his grandad...



The husband x

 So there you go... we also fitted in visiting the Natural History Museum, and the Science Museum as well!!

And we just knew things were going too well.... Justin is being made redundant in June... the second time in two years. The department he works in is moving to Poland!

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  1. I just love your photo's! I have just posted to my blog something I have neglected for the last 12months. So sorry to hear about Justin - really hope that something turns up. Sometimes these things happen for a reason and life takes a new turn. Take care x


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