Thursday, 12 April 2012

So what did Thursday bring...

Well, it brought another day to play with my camera!! 
I'm not sure why I can't get my images really sharp. I've tried using a tripod, a lens with IS (Image Stabilising) and they're still not perfectly sharp... maybe when I get my new camera and lenses... lol.
Ok, so today's pictures...

This is on my windowsill in the kitchen. The wallflower from yesterday's picture.

 This is from the bouquet of flowers that were from Primrose Hill Care Home.

This sprig I stole from a tree a couple of doors down, lol. 

Some of our wallflowers in a tub in the garden.

Aside from flowers. I got chatting to someone I used to chat to ages ago about photography. Tracey. She has done really well with her photography and now makes a living from it. Well done to her!
Matthew has watched the film Hop today, and played outside from time to time on his new bike.
Justin is going to play golf after work tonight with his workmates. It's strange him not coming home for dinner... 

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