Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Just playing...

With my camera.
I took this photo of a wallflower I cut from the garden, and played with a couple of textures. I'm no where near the standard of my cousin Mandy Disher...  

...but I have fun. I do love my camera, but I'm looking at buying a Canon 60D...

Just to please Uncle Dave coz he SO loves looking at my crafty things lol...
I also made two scrapbook pages today, these photo's were taken with my iphone though, so not quite as clear. 

I'm so excited that I'm finally acquiring Justin as my husband, lol. We were looking at various wedding ring shops online last night. I have my mum's wedding ring on my right hand. I showed the jeweller up town today, she said it was a fantastic ring. 22ct and is very heavy. 
Anyway... we were happily looking at rings, and have both decided on 9ct court rings... then the phone rang. It was Justin's dad to tell him that his grandad had died.

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  1. I am so sorry for you loss. Sad that it should happen at what should be a happy time. I am sure he passed happy that his grandson was settling down and things were working out. Big hugs ((())))


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