Thursday, 28 October 2010

Another day out!

Yesterday it was a day in Godmanchester. I took these photos over "The Rec" park. Matthew and I spent two hours over there taking photos. Matthew took over 200 on his little camera! He has good eye to see what makes a good photo, so maybe next Christmas a better camera for him. 
After the park it was back to dads for a lovely pork chop roast dinner, yum as usual.
A photo of one of the many weeping willow trees.
Matthew sitting under the tree waiting for the ducks.
I wouldn't mind this being my back garden!
Then of course you need the odd boat or two.

The Causeway.

One of two little bridges leading over to the locks.
Hi Matthew!

The Chinese Bridge with St Mary's Church in the background.
Just a great looking tree in the churchyard.


  1. You don't have a bad eye for pics yourself Mrs! Wonderful pics of the willow trees. What a gorgeous place Godmanchester is. Love the little bridges too.xx

  2. So Beautiful - thankyou for sharing


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