Thursday, 29 July 2010

I’ve made a Morsbag!

What is a Morsbag I hear you ask…

A Morsbag is a bag made from cotton – old duvet covers, curtains etc to use instead of a plastic carrier bag. The idea is that you make them in the cheapest way possible and you must give them to people for free.

So today I went to the local Heart Foundation charity shop and bought a lovely pair of curtains, complete with pelmet, lol, and turned it into a bag!

My sewing machine is a 20 year old Singer FeatherWeight Model 100. So it’s only tiny. I realise now that I should have cut off the old hems from the curtains, coz my little machine didn’t like the thickness of it. The blue cotton I was using was far too cheap and snapped easily, but the cotton I’d got on the bobbin was very strong. I had to rethread the needle so many times because of the cotton breaking, the little clamp thing flew off, and I broke a needle! LOL! But, I had a fab time making it! I shall make some more.

Have a look over at and have a read for yourself.

first morsbag

Not bad for never really using a sewing machine…

Here is my little sewing machine, and it really is tiny.

Singer model 100


  1. Just followeed the link, I love making bags.
    Will be giving one a go myself!

  2. This is gorgeous Mrs! Well done.xx

  3. how lovely. not much chance of me doing one as i wouldnt have a clue how to use a sewing machine. lol


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