Sunday, 18 July 2010

It’s PARTY time!


Jacqui saying she’s hula hoopin’… I think it’s just stuck!

My friend Jacqui, and her boys, James and Harry, had their farewell parties yesterday. We were there all day helping out. They are off to Australia on September 2nd.

It was a fun day, and here are some photo’s from the day.

jhp001 Bouncy castle fun!


I said “Harry! Stop! Now smile!” and this is what I got!


Harry just chillin’


Justin and Matthew having a bounce. Justin had been drinking Pimms lol.

jhp010Four nutters.

jhp011 Matthew and James – they’re going to miss each other.


Wow, look at that BIG splash coming in from the right!


Me perfecting the hoola hoop!

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  1. Hi Roz, fab pics. Such a shame that your friends are leaving. You all look like you had a ball.xx


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