Monday, 29 June 2009

I'm famous!

Click on the above image for a much better view, plus you'll be able to read it, lol.

This is my cross stitch picture that I'd made for Sean a couple of months ago! It's the STAR LETTER in issue 67, on general sale July 2nd, of Cross Stitch Card Shop. Wooohoooooooo. I knew they were going to publish it, but I didn't know until the Friday just gone that I was the star letter! I got an aperature card pack with stickers, and £30 to spend in the Card Creations magazine!! I think I'm spending it all on scrapbook papers.

Today I have got a poorly back and left heel... sniff. Last night after work it was so hot and I decided to put a skirt on, lol. I very rarely wear a skirt in the summer - I do in the Winter. (I know, how weird is that?!) So anyway, put my lovely long thin cream skirt on and made my way downstairs... Our stairs curve at the top and it was up there that I trod on my skirt! My foot then slipped and I landed on the edge of one of the stairs with such a thud, lol, and my foot seemed to stomp on the edge of another stair. Today I feel like my back has a trapped nerve in it, and my left foot feels like I have Plantar Fasciitis in that one as well as the right one! (Must say though, my right foot hasn't hurt like it did four or so years ago, just every now and again, but the left foot is painful).

Oh well... carry on as normal, albeit a bit slower.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

The Noisettes!


My first attempt at growing veggies...

Here is one of my first little cucumbers!! Justin measured it tonight and it's 4.5 inches already!!
Our Runner Beans are massive too, well the plants are, but there's no sign of any beans yet, just red flowers. Strawberries are green at the moment, and the tomatoes plants are at various heights, the best ones are the ones growing in the ground and not pots. Spring onions are doing well, just tiny bulbs at the moment. Carrots are good but need a much bigger container next year. Yellow peppers are growing merrily in the greenhouse as well.

Been to dads today, love roast chicken dinner, thanks dad! Dad gave Darryl and Abby a dinner service tonight as they should soon move into their maisonette, which is about 3 minutes walk from our house. They're happy to find somewhere. The council will be helping them with their rent as it's quite expensive and the council couldn't house them.

I managed to do some cross stitching today on the puppy picture that Matthew will have in his new room - Darryl's current room.

Gorgeous weather we've had all week, great for the first week of Wimbledon which I've also been watching on the telly.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

On a roll with this scrapping lark!

The challenge over at UKScrappers this week was to create a page incorporating the ladies in my life... well I don't have any ladies in my life really, apart from Cheryl I suppose, lol, so I decided my "ladies" would be my dogs, Abby and Sophie. The other parts of the challenge was to follow a sketch, to use yellow somewhere in the layout, and to use techniques or tools that were your favourites... mine were the paper flowers and the Kanban jewels. I created the background paper myself with rubber stamps, and the lettering was of course cut with the Cricut Expressions machine.

I really need to do some stitching on my puppy!!

Oh, I must also give my cousin's daughter, Melanie Eakins a wave!! Helloooooooooo Mel! *Waves like a loony*.

Friday, 12 June 2009


We decided today to take the dogs over to Portholme Meadow. It's the largest meadow in England. You can get to it via Huntingdon, Godmanchester or Brampton. It was a gorgeous warm sunny day. It wasn't one of those horrible humid days or too hot, it was perfect.

Click on the individual pictures for a better view.

Me and Sophie.

Matthew with Abby for a short time.

Matthew calling Abby to him. Look at that blue sky!

Abby LOVES the water... and those swans wouldn't budge. They kept chasing after Abby!

Justin and Sophie.

Matthew and Abby.

Matthew posing.

Darryl and Sophie.

Ooohhh, mmmmmmm, this is heaven! Abby chillin'.

Abby can't get enough!

A picturesque view of the River Ouse.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Another page today!

This page is for another challenge over at UKScrappers.

The challenge was to follow a sketch, use a number in the title, use 3 or more patterned papers... and different techniques (which I didn't do), so I earned 20 points.
The photos are from our holiday last year in Devon, and these were of our day in Woolacombe Bay - I need to make the other page to this tomorrow.

BBQ scrap page... d'oh!

I can't believe it! I've only gone and spelled barbecue wrong, lol... Justin said the word didn't look right last night, but I kept saying it did, lol. Oh well... I suppose I will have to correct it... later!
I used my Cricut for everything... the text and shadows, the cheery sun, the red barbeCue, the grassy frame. I had fun making this layout, but it took about 2 hours to get the printer to print the photos!
Since getting a new computer, we hadn't set it up so that my laptop could talk to it and get it to print. So I decided to use the usb and connect it directly to the printer, it took an age to install all the drivers, and then it decided that it didn't want to print them... in the end we finally got the laptop and computer chatting again.

Sunday, 7 June 2009


We had a great day yesterday at Hunstanton in Norfolk. Justin's dad and step mum were over for the weekend.
It was raining first thing in the morning, but soon cleared up, and by the time we got to "Sunny Hunny" as it's called, it was warm and sunny, although a little bit windy.

Justin and Matthew, coming back after a quick visit down to the sea.

Matthew putting shells on Nannie's sandcastles.

Me and Justin posing for a pic.

Grandad and Daddy burying Matthew's legs.

Along the promenade.

Matthew on the Blackbeards' golf course.

Justin, Grandad, Nannie and Matthew on the Aztek golf course.
Justin won! I had been taking photos of various parts of the course, went up onto the bridge which crosses over this part of the course in the photo. I was walking backwards, tripped up and fell on my bum. My camera swung round and bashed on the bridge and the lens cap fell off onto the part below. Camera ok, bum a bit sore today, lol.

We left Hunstanton at 6pm and were in Frankie and Benny's for dinner at around 8pm. After F&B's, it was back home and we looked at Steve and Joan's (dad and step mum) photos of their recent holiday to China on the telly. They left around 11pm and we were all in bed by 11.30pm.

I had today off work as well. None of us got up until 9.30am!!!!! Never sleep in that long, but we were all tired out after yesterday. Joan and Steve came at 10.30am and stayed until 1pm, and then drove back to Devon. They should be home by 7pm.

We had a great weekend!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

How mad is this woman???

A mad woman and a train.

Click the link above. The bloke on the bottom left legs it; I think I'd do the same!