Friday, 12 June 2009


We decided today to take the dogs over to Portholme Meadow. It's the largest meadow in England. You can get to it via Huntingdon, Godmanchester or Brampton. It was a gorgeous warm sunny day. It wasn't one of those horrible humid days or too hot, it was perfect.

Click on the individual pictures for a better view.

Me and Sophie.

Matthew with Abby for a short time.

Matthew calling Abby to him. Look at that blue sky!

Abby LOVES the water... and those swans wouldn't budge. They kept chasing after Abby!

Justin and Sophie.

Matthew and Abby.

Matthew posing.

Darryl and Sophie.

Ooohhh, mmmmmmm, this is heaven! Abby chillin'.

Abby can't get enough!

A picturesque view of the River Ouse.


  1. Great pics Roz, it looks a beautiful place!
    Hugs Lynsey:)

  2. what breed are the dogs? Abby laid in the water looks like a dog I had - he was a cocker spanel crossed with a possibly a labrador retriever. he too loved the water. I now have 3 cocker spaniels who all dive in the river at any opportunity.

    love kath

  3. Hi Roz, you all look like you had a fantastic day, I love the photos, especially the ones of Abbey chilling in the water, she has such a beautiful face. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx

  4. Hi Roz - looks like you all had a lovely day. It looks so peaceful and inviting there - the dogs loved it too (especially the water). Great pictures and thanks for sharing.


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