Wednesday, 24 June 2009

My first attempt at growing veggies...

Here is one of my first little cucumbers!! Justin measured it tonight and it's 4.5 inches already!!
Our Runner Beans are massive too, well the plants are, but there's no sign of any beans yet, just red flowers. Strawberries are green at the moment, and the tomatoes plants are at various heights, the best ones are the ones growing in the ground and not pots. Spring onions are doing well, just tiny bulbs at the moment. Carrots are good but need a much bigger container next year. Yellow peppers are growing merrily in the greenhouse as well.

Been to dads today, love roast chicken dinner, thanks dad! Dad gave Darryl and Abby a dinner service tonight as they should soon move into their maisonette, which is about 3 minutes walk from our house. They're happy to find somewhere. The council will be helping them with their rent as it's quite expensive and the council couldn't house them.

I managed to do some cross stitching today on the puppy picture that Matthew will have in his new room - Darryl's current room.

Gorgeous weather we've had all week, great for the first week of Wimbledon which I've also been watching on the telly.


  1. The veggies look good. Sounds like you are keeping yourself busy. Hope all is well with you.

  2. ....I love cucumbers - and it looks great, Roz. It's fun to watch everything grow isn't it? Our carrots, spanish onions and tomatoes are coming. The tomatoes have blossoms on them. We are going to have a lot of fall raspberries too as Art dug up all the plants last year and transplanted new again.
    Glad to hear Darryl & Abby will have a nice place to live - your dinner at your dad's sounds delicious!


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