Thursday, 17 December 2009

Busy busy busy!

Below is a picture of some cinnamon fairy cakes that I made... as you can see, I'm no baker!! LOL! But they did taste lovely, and any visitors we had asked for another one so they must have been good. Tonight we're going to make Christmas tree biscuits to hang on the tree. I bought a packet mix in Sainsbury's this morning because I wanted the cutter and in the centre you put a boiled sweet so you end up with stained glass trees, pretty good I thought, so watch this space for those! The box was slightly damaged so I took it to customer services and got 49p off of it, lol.

Here is just a little tiny video of our tree... I was just fiddling with my mobile phone really...


  1. Yum...t'is the taste that counts lol..!!!

  2. Drooooooooooolllllllllllllll your fairy cakes look lovely, think I'll have to make some. The Christmas tree decorations look fantastic and your tree itself is stunning. You'd have a good giggle at mine Roz, its only 2ft high poor wee thing lol but its fibre optic and I love it. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and all the best in the New Year. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx


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