Monday, 23 November 2009

Video of our little cutie!!

Here's our grandson Elijah. We were babysitting on Saturday night. He's a good boy... but only if you're holding him, lol. I have got him this Thursday from about 2pm till 8.30pm...
I am knitting him a little green hoodie - his mum loves him in green. I've just got the hood to finish and then I'm handing it over to my aunt to sew together, lol... I hate that bit! I've bought a couple more balls of wool to make two more cardigans for him.

Click on the arrow/triangle to view the video.
He is laying happily on his grandad's lap looking at some pictures on our wall he's fascinated with.


  1. Oh Roz he is so cute!! I wonder what was holding his attention so long, he was really quite facinated lol. It sounds like you both had a wonderful night with Elijah, I am looking forward to seeing pics of his green hoodie and the other cardigans. Hope you are well, I got my swine flu jag today, hope I don't wake up with a snout tomorrow morning lol! Hugs Dawn Marie.xx

  2. Oh Roz, Elijah is most certainly a "cutie"! Such fun having a little one around.....don't forget to show us your projects you are knitting for him.


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