Thursday, 5 November 2009

Guy Fawkes Night

Matthew had some sparklers in the garden this evening. We don't buy fireworks, not only because we have a small garden, but they're much too expensive and a waste of money. So he is happy with a few packets of sparklers each year.
The dogs were in the garden with us as well. Abby loves fireworks, but she was disappointed this year as there wasn't very many of them. Sophie used to be terrified of them, but since she's now going deaf, she can't hear them, lol.

Click on the photo's for a better view.


  1. It looks like Matthew has a fun time with the sparklers - fireworks are very expensive now, aren't they? .....even here in Canada -

  2. Hi Roz, hope you are well. Sorry I've not been about much hun, been a bit poorly but hopefully on the mend now. What fab pics, your camera has picked up the sparklers brilliantly and Matthew looks like he had a ball, he's such a cutie! It was like Beirut on a bad day here, not so much fireworks, more like incenduary devices going off! I don't blame you for not buying fireworks, unless you pay an arm and a leg for them you get a few things that go pop and thats it. We have a fab organised display here in Glasgow, with a fun fair. The majority of people go to that. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx


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