Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Three more...

Here's just three of the latest photo's.

Great grandad with Elijah - Sunday October 4th, just before a roast dinner cooked by Justin!! Yum! (He always cooks the roast on a Sunday as I'm at work till half four)

Looking at his nan wondering what on earth she keeps pointing the camera at! Wrapped up in Auntie Dorothy's blanket.

Justin and Elijah... awww, he was having a good nibble on his hands.


  1. Aw Roz, what gorgeous pics, I love the one with Elijah and Justin, he looks so tiny. You'll have loads of pics for Elijah's scrapbook. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx

  2. Awww congratulation Roz. He's perfect. It's great being a nanny. My grandson is four now, and just started school. It's great to spoil them. Enjoy everything about him.

    Hugs Debbie xx

  3. .....lovely pictures,Roz. Looks like everybody is enjoying the 'little bundle of joy'.


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