Monday, 19 October 2009

Forever Friends candle holder.

Here is a Christmas "little extra" pressie I made this morning... well this is my "prototype" lol, as this one I'm keeping. I have been buying Sainsbury's conserve at £1.43 a go just to get some nice jars!!! I've got another two jars empty, and I bought another one this morning. The Hedgerow one is lovely, lol. The Forever Friends image is from a transfer sheet, so I can get three out of each sheet at £1.50, then of course I've got to supply the tea light candles... I'll probably put about 6 of those into each jar, so by the end of it each one will probably cost about £2.20. Oh, and then there's the ribbon for the top!!! Need to buy more of that!

Ok, so what else is in the news.... I've just cooked a lemon sponge cake that I will fill with lemon buttercream and a slither of lemon curd, and I think I still have some teeny weeny orange and lemon slices that I bought when Sainsbury's were having a cake making clear out.

We babysat Elijah last Monday night, and he was as good as gold. He is such a good baby, they're so lucky!! Darryl was a right old whinge bag till he was three months old, lol.

Oh, and yesterday at work I got to press the fire alarm!!!!!!!! I've wanted to press that for I don't know how long, lol. Little things make happy you see.
You got to picture the scene... left for work at 7am commenting to dad that it smells smokey outside, dad said it was probably someone's bonfire, lol... anyway, walking through A&E I can still smell it, so it's more than a bonfire, but no one of us have a clue what it is. So about 4 hours later the smell finally goes... Helen says that if the smell has gone she's nipping out for a cigarette, I said that the smell had gone so she should be ok... 2 minutes later she's back in the staff room saying that the smell is even worse!! Then someone's yelling that we DO really now have a fire... there's a taxi on fire outside the main entrance of the hospital right next to A&E and the smoke is horrendous. The smoke is pouring in through the doors to the hospital... so then.... I got to PRESS THE BUTTON!! Wooohoooooooooooo, lol. I could imagine all the staff moaning about the alarm going off coz it really is deafening.
So anyway... fire brigade turn up and take about ten minutes to put it out. The driver of the taxi was a woman, and she had to be told by someone else that the car was on fire as she was reading the paper waiting for a patient, lol.

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  1. Oh my goodness lol! Wonder how the taxi went on fire in the first place?? Y'know, I'm exactly the same I am always tempted by those little red buttons, its as if they're just saying 'press me press me'. That's something else to tick off your list. I love the little candle holder, gorgeous Christmas present. There are other nice preserve jars out there, I've got a few of the Bon Mamman (think thats it) preserve jars, and quite a few of my friends love candles so thats a great idea for me. Ikea have great tea light candle packs and they're really cheap so try there. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx


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