Sunday, 17 February 2008

Another day, another blanket....

Work again today. I gave Cheryl her blanket, she loved it, preferred it to the one yesterday. This one was all in white, with a shimmery white edge and a little sleepy moon motif in the middle.
Outside was freezing!!! The temperature at 7am this morning was minus 6.5 degrees centigrade, but everywhere looked so lovely and wintery. Again, I never had my camera handy.
I'm itching to start another blanket. I have the colours for Justin's Formula One one, but I need to get Carols white and blue one started first, get that done, then Merce's two. I shall buy the wool and motif's tomorrow.
Justin is on the Playstation 3, he has an online Formula One game that he runs three or four times a week, same people everynight.
Matthew is back to school tomorrow, it will be quiet around here, and I shall miss him...

On Friday, I had the Sports and Movies package added to our tv. The first film we watched was about half an hour after it came on, and was Greyfriars Bobby... awww, such a lovely film. It was the 2005 version. Then later on at night we watched Happy Feet. Matthew finished off watching that on Saturday morning when he got up for me while I got ready for work. I love having the channels back again. I can watch the Rugby Union now!!

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