Friday, 3 August 2012

More horses and a really cute little girl!

All these evenings spent photographing horses I think is finally helping me with my photography... well that and Lightroom 4.1 lol. 

Ok, so this week we went over to Graveley again and the purpose for this evenings shenanigins was to get the horses jumping. I got quite a few pics... but some were either taken too early, or too late. Anyhoooo, this is what we ended up with. Incidently... the first pic is of our local Tesco's wall by the escalator. The little girl in the photo is called Emily, and I had the pleasure of photographing her with her friend and pony this particular evening as well.

 The Tesco escalator photo and Emily!

Here are some of the better photo's I took of the horses etc.

 Ears forward Poppy!! (Seren and Emily too!)

 Emily having a quiet word with Poppy.

 Emily showing her love for Poppy.

 Emily and Seren.

 Emily and Seren softened.

 Emily and Seren high key.

 Emily peeping.

 Emily looking like a little gypsy girl. Love it.

 Maisie jumping with Danny.

 Matthew supposedly taking Daisy for a walk!

 Emily and Seren on Poppy (eyes smiling!) softened.

 Scout the well behaved gun dog.

 Stacey posing with Lily.

Stacey jumping with Lily.

We had a great evening!
On a personal front. Dad's house is now up for sale with a local estate agents... I'll be sad to see it go, but with work threatening redundancies and those that are staying having to work for less money and less hours, it's a good time for it to sell. 

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