Friday, 20 May 2011

It's taken me 5.5 years to scrap!

I'm talking about the Disneyland Paris scrapbook page... these photo's are from our Christmas time trip in 2006. I've only made a few of the pages so far... Justin bought me a gorgeous Disney scrapbook album, and papers set, so I really do need to scrap some more of them.
The picture isn't very good - it was taken with my phone (a Samsung Galaxy S).

The page below is the last of Christmas 2010. The large cracker in the centre opens up showing more of our presents... we got loads!


  1. Love the opening cracker idea - really great!
    The photographs in the Disney layout are actually fantastic - they capture that fleeting moment so perfectly... love both the layouts - totally brilliant!

  2. Haha- I just read 'justin, my Luvbug, *winkS* at HElena' -hahahaha!

    Hullo there! Long time no visit! Sorry!

    So....5.5 years! Horray! That gives me hope! I have been fretting over not having done last Xmas photo's yet!


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