Saturday, 15 September 2012

I've been SO busy!

Doing what... well I've sold dad's house, have I said that already? I'm not sure. Anyway. Dad's house is sold, it sold within two weeks of going up for sale! It hasn't completed yet though.
We are having a new kitchen installed in November. It's about time, ours is falling apart. It's been in the house since I moved in here in 1988, so it's time it was replaced. It has doors missing, our one and only drawer fell to bits, tiles just pop off the walls... so we're having new white units, beautiful black sparkly granite worktops, even a kitchen sink gobbler upper! 
I've been taking lots of photo's as usual, and of course I'm about to upload them here at the end of this post.
I've begun yet another hobby! Well, more of a different approach to one I've already got. It's called Project Life. Click here to go and see what I'm talking about! It's a bit like scrapbooking, well it is scrapbooking, but a different way of recording it. It doesn't matter if the photo's are rubbish, what's important is that you're recording something. It could be how the washing up looks in the sink, how much of a pile of washing there is waiting... what you had for dinner. It's about normal everyday life. You put them into little pockets, adding journal notes to others, other momentos, up to you! 
There are some photo's (taken from my phone) at the bottom of this post.
Ok, so on to the photo's...